Apple Needs to Borrow a Google Maps Feature

By Jason Harris

I was going to Terrificon a couple of weekends ago. Usually, I would be using Apple Maps. In this case, I needed directions directly to the Winter Garage at Mohegan Sun since Terrificon was taking place near it. Apple Maps would give me directions to the casino, but not directly to the Winter Garage. Google Maps gave me directions instantly to the Winter Garage.

Apple Maps added in a version of iOS 14 the ability to report speed traps. I have been using it since it was added but have never seen any reports show up. I am wondering if the reason I haven’t seen it is that no one is using the feature on Apple Maps because they don’t know about the feature, or Apple is making sure it isn’t abused by waiting for a few reports.

Google Maps has the feature of reporting speed traps too. On my trip to Mohegan Sun, I saw a report of a police trap up ahead. It also mentioned how many people reported it and the last time it was reported. These are the two features Apple should add. I reported a speed trap and it showed up immediately. Apple needs to do this as well.