The iPhone 10s Max Battery Case

I received my iPhone 10s Max Battery Case last Friday. I’m enjoying it a lot.

If you have used other battery cases like me, you will have to get use to not having to turn the case on. It stays charging your phone until the case is completely drained. One way that helped me with this is thinking that with other cases, you don’t know if they are completely charged or even will work when you turn them on. This is one issue you won’t have to worry about with Apple’s new battery case.

The same widget that shows your iPhone battery’s percentage will also show the battery case’s percentage.

On Saturday, I drained the entire battery case within six to seven hours. As a merchandiser, I use my phone for GPS, inventory counts, taking pictures, and streaming podcasts with Overcast. My phone lasted until Sunday morning. It was at 20 percent when I started charging it.

I am in my car a lot so I could keep it plugged in at those times to keep everything charged.

The iPhone and battery case will both charge on my Qi charger, but the case can’t charge by itself on the charger. If you want to charge it by itself, you will have to plug a lightning cable into it.

I have a Qi charger phone holder in my car that this battery case doesn’t work with while the phone is in it.

There isn’t a bulge on this battery case like on the one for the iPhone 7 (which can also be used with the iPhone 8). The battery is tapered down the back of the case like other battery cases.

IPhone 7 Battery Case.
IPhone 7 Battery Case.
IPhone 10s Max Battery Case.

IPhone 10s Max Battery Case.

I do find it hard to pull back the top of the case to get the phone out of it.


Experience with a Couple of Battery Cases

I always feel like I need more battery with my cellphones. I have an iPhone 10 Max and in my job as a merchandiser I need a battery that last. I’m always looking for a better battery case. I have recently been using two battery cases.

I ended up with two battery cases after the one I preordered from didn’t arrive within three weeks like Luxmobile promised. I ended up getting the case six weeks after ordering it.

Once I got my Luxmobile case, it was very nice looking and it allowed my iPhone slipped into the case without an issue. It was my first battery case with the design of the top of the case flipping down to get the phone in and out of it. It was a 4,000 mAH case. I didn’t put the phone through it’s paces since by the time I received it I had ordered a different branded case through Amazon and received it within two days. Once I had the new battery case, the Luxmobile case became my nighttime case. Now, I really like the idea of having a day and night battery case.

The case I ordered from Amazon was the USAMS 4000mAh Slim Rechargeable Charger Case. It started out working just fine, but within three weeks it started acting up. I would press the button to turn on the case. It would start charging. After awhile though, the charging would turn on and off after the case was turned on. It was like a light switch being turned on and off. The only reason it was noticed because my phone would vibrate when the case started charging again. I returned the battery case to Amazon and got a replacement. Well, the second case started acting up the same way so this time it was returned and I got my money back.

I would recommend the Lux battery case. if you do order one, hopefully the delivery issues have been fixed so you get it on time. Stay away from the USAMS one though, this case isn’t worth your time.

Battery Cases

I’m always looking for more battery power for my iPhone. It’s not like I need it though since as a merchandiser I’m in my car a lot and can charge my phone in it. This has’t stopped me from buying battery cases though.

The last one I bought was the Nohon 7500mAH iPhone 7 Plus battery case. I had it for a month when it started acting up. It stopped charging my phone and the case itself wasn’t charging either. It’s too bad it started acting up because I was going almost two days without having to charge my phone and the battery case.

The design of the Nohon case isn’t the greatest. The placement of the button to turn the case on is on the back of it. This isn’t the worse placement since other battery cases have buttons there as well. The problem is that it only takes one press to turn on the case. This can cause the case to be turned on accidentally when it isn’t needed.

I have gone back to the Mophie Juice Pack Air. It has never given me any issues. With Its design, it can’t be accidentally turned on either. Wireless charging works with it as well.