Sinvitron® Bluetooth Audio Receiver Revisited

I first talked about the Sinvitron® Bluetooth Audio Receiver at the end of January. In the last few weeks, I have felt like revisiting it since there have been a few issues I felt like bringing to your attention.

There are battery issues. After less than six months of use, the battery doesn’t charge to 100 percent. It stops charging at 90 percent. The battery also doesn’t discharge to zero. It shuts off when it’s only at 30 percent.

The other issue I don’t like is that I have to physically connect the Bluetooth every time I get in the car. I wish it would automatically connect like my Soundbot SB517 Extreme Bluetooth Waterproof Wireless Speaker. When I turn the Soundbot on my iPhone connects to it within 15 to 30 seconds.


Review: AXGIO Dash Bluetooth Headphones

I have been using the AXGIO Dash Bluetooth Headphones since Jan. 23. These are the first wireless headphones I have ever owned. I went with this pair because they were less than $40 at the time I bought them through Amazon.

The headphones come with three earbud tips (S/M/L). The ones that came on the earbuds were uncomfortable so I switched them. I tried both sets, but it turns out the small tips worked best with my ears. The headphones also come with a nice case to keep them in.

The headphones synced with the phone in less than a minute. It was very easy. A few times after turning on the earbuds, they say “connected” after connecting. This happens more when using both together.

The product description states the headphones get “8 hours of talk or music playing time (at 50% volume).” Using them together to play podcasts and music, I seem to get 5 hours, which is how I use them at the gym or while shoveling snow. Using them one at a time, I seemed to get 6 to 7 hours, which is how I mainly use them while working as a merchandiser.

You will have to charge them every day, especially if you are using both at the same time. This could be a negative, but not unusual—there are other things people charge every day, from phones to watches. What is one more device to add to the list? Charging these headphones took around 75 minutes.

It seems music quality is of a lesser quality than what comes through Apple’s earbuds. This doesn’t bother me.

Some negatives I have noticed with the AXGIO headphones is it seems while playing music the units have a hard time keeping both buds synced together at times. The music will go to each individual unit instead of staying synced. This will happen a few times before becoming synced again. This happens occasionally while listening to podcasts. The voice prompts for Apple Maps and Google Maps don’t work with them while listening to podcasts. Facebook video audio doesn’t come through the headphones.

Overall, I am happy with the AXGIO Dash Bluetooth Headphones, but when I need to upgrade I will go with something different.

Review: Sinvitron® Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Back at the end of December, I bought the Sinvitron® Bluetooth Audio Receiver V4.1 A2DP Portable Multipoint Wireless Connection Adapter with 3.5mm AUX Port. You can find the device here.

I wasn’t looking to go wireless, but when my 3.5 port on my car radio stopped working I had to look for a different way. Even after I bought the Bluetooth unit from Amazon, I didn’t think it would work in the port since the cord wasn’t working and even a pair of my earbuds didn’t work in the port. It did work though.

I have an iPhone 7 Plus so by using this Bluetooth receiver has helped me ditch the dongle I was using so I could play podcasts and charge my phone at the same time in the car.

Another good thing about the receiver is I’m getting more than five hours of use out of it before having to charge it. I have only charged it twice in the three weeks that I have owned it and it gets used every day.

There are only two negative things about the Sinvitron® Bluetooth Audio Receiver. The first is that I have to occasionally re-pair the Sinvitron® Bluetooth Audio Receiver with my phone to get it to work since it won’t connect otherwise. The other issue is when I start playing a podcast through the phone or through my earbuds and it keeps switching to the receiver.

Overall, I am satisfied with the Sinvitron® Bluetooth Audio Receiver.